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April 20 – 28, 2018


Little compares to the splendor of springtime in the Netherlands. Come and experience Amsterdam, peaceful towns and the countryside as you cruise through rivers, lakes and canals, past tulip farms where acres of reds, yellows and pinks brighten the landscape. Relax on board with family and friends as this 7-night cruise includes everything needed for a great vacation.

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The Price is Right

It’s hard to beat a good deal. This all-inclusive tour provides accommodations, meals, sightseeing and flights.

A Diverse Itinerary

This Netherlands river cruise takes you on the river Ijssel through the Dutch canal and lock system. Sail through six provinces on waterways not accessible to larger cruise ships. This intimate view of the country offers a chance to truly explore the lands of Holland.

34 Years of Excellence

With decades of experience, the Netherlands Waterway Cruise continues to be improved upon year after year. So come and travel with us; we are experts on the Netherlands! Witte Travel & Tours even has staff in Amsterdam.


  • The windmills of Kinderdijk
  • Tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens
  • Overnight in six different ports: Doesburg, Kampen, Schagerbrug, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Dordrecht and Rotterdam.
  • Guided tours of Doesburg, Kampen, Alkmaar, Dordrecht.
  • Onboard entertainment, featuring traditional songs of the sea.
  • Three action-packed optional excursions.
  • All-inclusive, so you can relax and let Witte Travel & Tours take care of the details.
  • Optional post-cruise holiday in either Belgium & France or Germany & Switzerland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each year the Netherlands Waterway cruise is slightly different, but the frequently asked questions stay the same.  What is the best way to get money, will I need an adapter, an electrical converter or both, are just some of them.


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Netherlands Waterway Cruise

We’ll never forget our Netherlands Waterway Cruise with Witte Travel.

- Judy Lanning, Jenison MI

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